Friday, March 14, 2008

MiT, 2nd senior, day 8

Not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I keep a database of what I do during the day in 15 minute increments. Yeah, kind of nerdy, but it's really helpful to keep me on track. I started this to keep track of how much time I spend either actively working on an art project or doing art related things, like having to go shopping for materials for tomorrow's class. But I also keep track of other things too, like how much I'm exercising, how much time I'm spending on email and web related things, and how much time I spend on dealing with household things. (If I'm thinking about art while I'm exercising, that still counts as exercising; although, I wonder—I sometimes get so much figured out while I do my twice daily 30 minute walks, maybe I should label it as 'art'?)

I set up a Filemaker database and everyday gets 25 rows to record my activities. And today, I used up all 25 rows (and I actually need 1 more. but I'm not gonna bother). This means the day is really scattered. Instead of spending a chunk of time doing something, it's been 30 minutes of this, 15 minutes of that.

The day started like that. I went to rsm for my watercolor session with my senior #1 only to discover that she had left with her family for a family visit/outing. I guess she forgot about our appt. I was disappointed, but glad that she was spending the day with her family. So I came home without getting that accomplished. The afternoon session with my senior #2 was also a short session, I just wanted to show her the model of her book and get her feedback. I think she liked it in general, although I'm not sure she thought the envelopes were necessary. She was excited that we could work on more prints, since she's been thinking about more images. I think she's hooked on printmaking now.

The blinds for the guest bedroom also arrived today, about a week before I was expecting it. I've opened it up and checked it out, but it's also so big that I can't install it very easily by myself (70" wide), so we'll do it this weekend.

Most of the afternoon was preparing for the IPRC gocco class tomorrow. Finished the class notes; packed up my bag; shopped for the foodstuff. I guess I'm ready.


Bridget B. said...

I keep a timesheet of my day -but it's a paper grid that I fill in, and it's mostly like, "billable for this client, 4 hours" "art making, 2 hours" "art/class prep, 1.25 hours," "web/blog, 1 hour." It helps me look at the week and see what I've been doing - I just do it in chunks of estimated time . . . Personal Time Sheet Geeks Unite!

fingerstothebone said...

Ha! And Sven keeps track of his time, too, I hear. Using a database has its advantages though — I don't have to tally up the hours, it does it for me!