Monday, November 05, 2007

Catching up on the business end of things

I let a lot of work emails slide in the last couple of weeks, so today was mostly catching up on that. And as part of that, was my application to join the Portland Open Studios board. They had asked me several times and I had said no, but now feel that I need to help support and advocate for other artists, as others have done for me. This means that I may not participate in the open studios event itself next year; I haven't decided yet, but it maybe that I won't be able to do both, depending on how much work there is as a board member.

Visited with Theresa in the morning (my partner in the 2 person show at Hillsboro earlier this year and now has her own web site) and had our little "Portland Open Studios debriefing." I'm always surprised that her work doesn't just fly out the door, but apparently it doesn't; I think she's feeling pretty discouraged.


gl. said...

congrats! you'll make a terrific board member.

theresa's work is great! sven & i went to her studio; we were really impressed & inspired. and she was SO kind and wanted to talk about her process. i hope she tours again!

fingerstothebone said...

Not sure that 'congrats' is the right word here...'condolences' might be more appropriate. And that would be for joining ANY board. Did I tell you how I left the previous board I was on?

gl. said...

hmmmm, no, i've never heard that story. i've been in enough non-profits, though, that i always appreciate people willing to serve on the board. :)