Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Potential solutions to pillow books

OK, I think I have several different possible new formats (still involving pillows) to try, and I might do each of the books in a different format, rather than using the same format as I originally planned. These, I hope, will give me the Didn't have a chance to physically try any today, which was a hodgepodge day. Lots of art related phone calls, little updates/emails concerning a couple of web sites, a gocco demo for an art critique group, and then a visit to Reed College's special collections. Librarian Gay Walker gave us a 'tour' of the collection by selecting a wide variety of work to discuss and pass around. I love these events, where I get to see all these wonderful books, but they're inspiring and depressing at the same time. As in, "why do I bother?" I must be an optimistic person though—I think, hey, my NEXT book is going to be just as good! That's right...just wait until I finish my pillow books.

But anyhow, lots of wonderful books at the tour. Hard to pick a favorite, but I loved the Ian Boyden books, and the Tim Ely, Inge Bruggeman, & Sarah Horowitz.


Michael5000 said...

Mrs.5000 came back from Reed all fired up. Then she disappeared into her studio and played with construction paper until she was so tired she could hardly stand up straight.

So, it sounds like it was a great tour!

Amanda said...

Hi! I found your blog about a month ago and love visiting. I have just bought a gocco and find your work very inspirational. I wanted to tell you that I was so pleased to read that you find other people's art both inspiring and depressing. I have the same response and can never be sure which way I will go. Sometimes you do feel, "why bother?", but then I can't really stop myself so that's why, I guess!
Warm wishes,
(in Australia)

fingerstothebone said...

Amanda -- thank you for your note. It's good to know others go through the same emotions & sentiments regarding making art. I'm sure that even the people who are my 'art gods' go through the same thing. Hope you have a lot of fun with your gocco!