Saturday, November 03, 2007

First Gocco class held at my space

New this fall -- I'm offering Gocco classes out of my own house/studio, and today was the first class. One person cancelled last night and I wasn't able to fill it, so we had 4 people instead of 5. Which worked out ok, I was still working the whole time. I had 2 of those work tables set up in the living-room which was a good size for 4 people. The 5th person would've been in the hallway, which is ok for the 5th person (more light, more room), but I would've had to run back and forth between the two.

Two of the students came from out of state (southern CA and WA -- hi guys!) and we're doing an impromptu intermediate class tomorrow. One of the other students asked about painting classes...others have asked about that too, so maybe I'll start to put something together and figure out how it will work. It will have to span several weeks, so maybe one night a week for 5 or 6 weeks. That, was pretty much the day.

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gl. said...

congratulations, shu-ju! i'm so glad to hear it went well! of course, i'd expect nothing less!