Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Portland Art Center fundraiser piece

With the fundraiser piece due back at PAC this Saturday, I've procrastinated until just about the last moment on this, as usual. Last I left off, this was what it was like. After running some errands early afternoon, I came back to the studio and started working on it again.

Here it is, part way through the afternoon. It's acrylic, and I had to use the camera flash, so the glare.

And here's by early evening. Doesn't look like a big change, between the two, but as each piece goes along, it takes longer and longer to do anything, for a couple of reasons—1) making a mistake becomes more costly, and 2) you start to work on the more subtle or minute details that are harder to see. Again, glare.

And I'm now thinking that the red across the magnolia is a mistake. I guess I'll sleep on it and see how it looks in the daylight.

I do like it better than the original drawing, which you can see here and here in its previous incarnation.

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Bridget Benton said...

Nifty - it was great going back through the links and seeing how this piece has evolved . . .I love using bit of old pieces in new pieces . . . mixing it up. I will even photocopy old work so that I can cut it up and reuse the parts that I like. Love the bird.