Sunday, November 11, 2007

Look at these notebooks!

Today was the Beginning Gocco — Small Notebooks class, and look at these notebooks! From top right, clockwise — a tiger, a kitty, and a funny looking fish.

On the left, a line drawing from a book that Karin's husband is working on (Karin printed this), and a bird and some fishies.

The class ended pretty much at 5pm on the dot, then I changed, grabbed the cheese and crackers and ran off to the Portland Open Studios wrap-up party/debriefing. So no work on the pillow books today. Tomorrow, I have more business stuff to deal with — calls to return, stuff to send out — so probably no pillow book tomorrow either.


gl. said...

man, little notebooks are SO appealing! what paper did you use on the inside?

fingerstothebone said...

It was Wausau Royal SilkPlus Text, pretty smooth finish similar to Mohawk Superfine, although maybe not quite as smooth/fine as that.

gl. said...

yum! one of my pet peeves about homemade notebooks is that they usually use terrible paper. these sound terrific all around! are you primarily using the clear combs, or is that just a coincidence in this picture?

fingerstothebone said...

Clear combs were all that I bought. That was my first batch of combs, so I got something 'neutral', but they do come in some very pretty colors!