Saturday, November 17, 2007

More printing with food

Tomorrow is IPRC's text ball (theme is Elements of Style). Since I'm teaching tomorrow, I made the food tonight—more gocco printed puff pastries, which I'll serve with the lemon curd:

The pastries are printed with a mixture of hershey syrup and sour cream, and say: Question? Pause, Full stop. Bang! and #!@!%)!! (or something similar).

I learned something new: mass production is not the same as making a few for a test. When I ran my tests, and also when I taught the class at IPRC, I/we only printed a few with each combination. For this, I was printing a lot, and as I printed, the mess became bigger and bigger, and it became harder and harder to get a good print. So periodic clean up was necessary. Here's another shot of some of the later ones, after I figured out that interim cleaning was necessary.

I also had no idea that you could break a pyrex bowl by running warm water on it too soon out of the oven. I thought it was supposed to be able to handle that, but now I know better.

Spent the bulk of the day cleaning my studio, which now is now much more tolerable. It was getting to be hard to walk around in there. I need to figure out something though, either get rid of some of the books or put in more shelves.


Sundry said...

These are so cool!

Sorry to hear about the Pyrex bowl. I thought they were pretty indestructible too!

Parsa said...

Now that you've printed food with Gocco, you need to print people!
Some natural henna used as ink (brown henna from the Lawsonia plant, not the black chemical dye that is very dangerous) and your print Gocco will give a quick henna tattoo.

fingerstothebone said...

Print On People! What a great idea. Not sure how it would work though. Isn't henna paste pretty thick, and it needs to stay on the skin for a while, right, in order to set? I'll have to investigate this. Thanks!