Sunday, November 18, 2007

Last gocco class of the year!

So I'm done with teaching for the year, now the living can return to normal, and I need to concentrate on working on the pillow books, and also finish the panel I'm doing for the Portland Art Center fundraiser!

The gocco printed puff pastries were a success at the iprc text ball, and they went well with Gretchin's mini pancakes gocco printed with unnecessary quotation marks!

I left the text ball before the costume judging (and there were some quite fancy and clever costumes, I must try to put something together for next year!) to go see No Country for Old Men. As always, a great movie by the Coen brothers, but it was a bit more violent than I could stomach, had my eyes closed half the time (but the dialog was good).


janey said...

I just ordered a gocco last night. I've been googling gocco like crazy looking for how to's and wandered into your blog. I'm in the processes of reading all your posts. I really like that you're experimenting with it rather then just making cards. Really shows all the possibilities. Your blog is like gocco university.

fingerstothebone said...

Hi Janey,

Thank you for your note. I'm glad that you're finding my posts helpful in terms of seeing the different things you can do, and you can do a lot! I hope you'll have lots of fun with your gocco.