Wednesday, November 28, 2007

December shows

Today was a 'business' day for dealing with December shows. I'll be in 3 shows -- at Print Arts Northwest, at the Chinese Garden, and at City Hall. So there are emails to respond to, artworks to deliver, and plans to be made. Since I've already committed to doing a gocco demo at the Chinese Garden during the December First Thursday, I can't participate in the 'vending' at City Hall, which is too bad, since that might be more lucrative (there will be free beer!), I don't know. I might try to scare up a helper for that.

And, visited Susan to check out the free fabric. I brought home 16 yards of lycra that I can use for the pillow forms. Although once I got them out to better light, one of the pieces looks more like a dark olive green and not gray, but the 2nd piece should work fine.

So now the next few days, until Dec 6, is looking to be a bit crazy. I had thought maybe I wasn't getting into the City Hall show, since I hadn't heard back from them. But now I did, and I'll need to do some framing, and planning. Still have at least 1 more day of work on the PAC piece, so that's tomorrow, which looks blissfully empty on my calendar!


Michael5000 said...

Worst part of missing the Thanksgiving trip: couldn't go to Bainbridge Island on the way home, like we had planned.

fingerstothebone said...

I haven't made it either, and probably won't get there before it comes down. But they called and said Calypso sold! So I was very excited.

Sorry that you had to miss your Thanksgiving trip...Mrs5000 sick, or your fainting spells?