Wednesday, November 14, 2007

You know you're getting old when...

Walking from the parking lot to the movie theater at 10:30pm, you think, "hey, it's cold out here, and I'm tired, I should be in bed, what am I doing going to the movies?"

Then you get up to the ticket counter and it costs $20 for the two of you, and you remember when the two of you could get a pizza and see a movie for $10.

It seems like not that many years ago when I was lamenting that they stopped the midnight shows, but now I'm thinking, who wants to go to the movies at that hour anyhow?

Well, this all leads to the Random Movie of the Week -- Gone Baby Gone. It was very good. Only quibble is that the 'associate'/girlfriend didn't really do much, except for tagging along. And she was in a lot of the scenes.

I really did not feel like working today, for some reason. It was a perfect day for working too, no appointments, no phone calls. I did have to go to the post office to ship out a few things, but then after that, just couldn't get myself together. Managed to get a little computer stuff done, but really should've been in the gocco room printing away.


Michael5000 said...

That's the price you pay for watching first run! Laurelhurst, Academy, any McMen's -- two people for $6, pizza will only bring you up to $15 or so. And the atmosphere is about a million times better.

Hmm, where you live might be a problem here. Maybe you should buy a sattelite location here on the East Side?

fingerstothebone said...

Yeah, but we've got what's new?

Neither of us like to eat and drink, or have other people eat and drink, while we're watching a movie. So that rules out the McMen's. (I tried it once; didn't like it.)

Mr. Fingers, you might have noticed, is a big person. Those seats at Laurelhurst (and many other theaters) are just not that comfy for a large person. We go to Hollywood, which has the same problem, but it shows movies not shown elsewhere.

So that's my story.

Michael5000 said...

It's your story, and you're sticking to it. I can respect that.