Thursday, November 15, 2007


Ooh, an extra entry today. This is the kind of language problem that my sister and I used to have all the time—the perils of speaking in both Chinese and English, switching back and forth in mid-sentence. She forwarded this from a friend, not sure if it's autobiographical or not. You can of course use Google Translate, which provides further entertainment value. Just note that it's an elevator that he's talking about, not an escalator.


在某一層電梯停住了,門打開,看見一個衣著性感的美女,一手挽著 LV包,一 手扶著電梯門,身體斜靠著,用挑逗的語氣問我: 夠淫蕩嗎?[Note, these last 4 characters are: gou yin dang ma?]


我平靜地說: 淫蕩是淫蕩了點,但我喜歡 !!

我知道我說這句話的樣子也一定很酷,作一個有骨氣的受傳統文化薰陶男子漢 ,要在新時代新潮流面前努力轉變思想,不能甘於落後。
突然間那美女用手袋猛地向我砸來,一邊還說:你這變態! .....


GoingDown 嗎? (下樓嗎 ?)


gl. said...

i tried running this through a translation service, and i still don't get it. :)

fingerstothebone said...

OK, so here's the Shu-Ju Translation service:

This man was at some foreign company's office for some business, and when he was finished, he rode the elevator down. The elevator stopped and when the door opened, there was this woman standing there, dressed in a very sexy outfit. She asked him, "do I look lewd and seductive?" [In Chinese, that would be "gou yin dang ma?"]

His mind raced but he tried to be analytical about the situation..."wow, these women that work at foreign companies are so open and forward, so very advanced!"

He quickly replied, "yes, very lewd and seductive, but I like it!" He figured he must've looked very cool and with it while he was saying this.

The woman was shocked at his response and started hitting him with her purse.

Later that night, he realized that the woman had asked him, "going down" ma? ["Gou yin dang ma?"]

"Ma" is the question word, and the woman had mixed English and Chinese in the same sentence, not all that unusual if she had just been speaking in English with someone and hadn't quite 'flipped the switch' yet, until she got to the end of the sentence.