Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pillow Book II, day 1

I won't be able to play with structural issues until next week (after I get some space cleared up, which I can't do until I finish teaching this weekend), so I went ahead and printed the image for book II today. Here's the image printed on Rives Lightweight:

Here's the first printed tulle. I used some saved ink which I spread in the middle, then I opened a fresh tube (of the same color). When I opened the tube, I noticed how runny it was, and you can really see the difference the consistency of the ink makes. Where it's stiffer (in the middle), not enough ink came out to print the newsprint behind the tulle (the tulle is printed, I checked); where the ink is loose, the newsprint printed. You can also see the difference in the photo above -- it almost looks like a reverse vignette.

When I inked it, I spread the saved ink in the middle and fresh ink around the edges, then I took the palette knife and moved the fresh stuff around. Here's a tulle print in the middle, and I'm guessing that some of the fresher ink is now coming through and therefore it's printing onto the newsprint behind the tulle in the middle. You can also see where it's starting to run out of ink on the edges.

Towards the end -- the edges ran out of ink, leaving just the middle visible. I'm really liking this.

The used screen. I'm leaving this to dry with the ink on as well.

To see pillow book I up to this point, go here.

Picked up the goodies that I'll be printing for the IPRC text ball, and that's what I'll be doing tomorrow. On the garden front, the birds are back! It took a couple of days after I put the feeders back up, but we had quite a few of the more common backyard birds -- chickadees, finches, juncos, sparrows, a spotted towhee, and a flicker, and a jay, of course. The squirrels are back too.

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gl. said...

oooh, you're right: i love the metaphor of the diminishing image as the ink runs out.