Monday, June 04, 2007

Back from Bend

Got back late afternoon. Although during my 3+ hour drive, I was quite excited about getting to my grant writing assignment once I get home, the reality was that once I got home, I just sat and caught up on the paper, email, phone calls, watering, exercise, etc. Didn't get any work done. I guess that's what 'tomorrow' is always for.

A couple of snaps from the garden. There's the apricot colored climber Coronation, the lavender Blueberry Hill, and the cluster rose Pleasant Hill on the left. I took a bouquet of all of them (plus some hydrangeas) and a mystery rose over to Bend, and they were a big hit. The patch of green in the dead center is my strawberry patch. There're quite a few berries on there, so maybe next week I'll harvest my first crop of the season. Yum! In the background, the rhododendron is looking rather finished. I did get around to pruning one of the rhodies a couple of days ago (took about 3 feet off all around, the 2 blueberries next to it are so much happier), and this one is next.

Lets see, this one is White Dawn, I think, Needs little care and smells slightly citricy.

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Sundry said...

Looks great. The top photo is particularly...moody. In a good way. Love the colors and textures.