Thursday, June 14, 2007

Work, walk

Spent the afternoon working on Margaret's web site. Fixed all the quotes, apostrophes, italics, etc. Still have more photos to retouch, and still need to fix the pdf files. I'll probably keep working on them tonight.

Decided to skip the Portland Open Studios meeting tonight. I've had 3 meetings since Tuesday afternoon, and I have another one tomorrow, and this one seemed the most expendable, since I already know what I'm supposed to do. I did call to talk to Bonnie about it. Had an early dinner and went for a long walk.

This is an one hour walk that Mike and I used to go on about once a week until he fell off his bike and hurt his back about a year and half ago. Since then, we've done it maybe once. Anyhow, he's working late tonight, and so I went out with my cell phone camera around 8pm, and took pictures along the way. I'm really pretty impressed with how well the camera did with the late evening light. It's a Sony Ericcson Walkman.

Here I am just getting started. We're part way up Mt. Sylvania. Mt. Hood is visible, but not in this picture. (The camera isn't that good, and of course, no filters.)

We're about 2 blocks from the Portland & Lake Oswego boundary. So here's about where the city boundary is. I'm probably standing in Portland while taking a picture of Lake Oswego.

From our house, it's uphill for about 20 minutes or so until you reach the summit. Here I'm getting close to the summit. This road T's into a loop that goes around the park at the summit. You can get a good view of the fireworks on July 4th at the park.

Here's the edge of the park, which they do a nice job maintaining. This is Lake Oswego. Some new houses went up a couple of years ago while we were still walking here weekly, and they were all million+ houses. We're on the other side of the tracks.

And here's a mountain laurel, one of my favorite bushes. I have one, too. A little tiny one, and it has some blooms on it too.

So what goes up must come down, and I've come quite a ways back down the hill. I'm standing in front of a house we looked at way back when we were looking. (It's off the picture to my left.) But the house was smaller, on a smaller lot, and more expensive. Plus taxes in LO are higher than Portland. But it is nicely situated though, with this park right in front.

And what goes down must go back up, and I'm looking up the road that I looked down on in the first picture, so I'm almost finished with my loop here. This was around 9pm and there really wasn't much light any more.

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