Monday, June 11, 2007

Beans, chards, bok choys, oh my!

I finally finished this little project. If I were to plant leeks again, I'd do them from seeds -- it was very difficult handling and replanting the tiny seedlings. When I put these in this afternoon, they were all straight, but now the soil has settled a bit and they're all lying this way and that. I'll see if they straighten out by themselves in a couple of days.

There's about 4" of top soil there. Underneath is a layer of newsprint; underneath that is 4 alternating layers of green stuff (fresh weeds) and compost (old weeds). It's funny how putting in a structure like this changes the surrounding area. This is a spot where I've never really had any good ideas on what to do. There's the persimmon tree, an elderberry, and a mock orange, all in close proximity to each other. I had tried to cut the elderberry down (it's between the persimmon and mock orange), but it kept sprouting back up; so it wins, but it obstructs this pathway that I've been trying to create.

Now that the raised bed is here, I see that I don't really need the pathway -- maybe I should just enclose the area and make a cozy little spot to the left of the raised bed where I can sit in between tending to my vegetables!

Orange and magenta, one of my favorite color combinations! And the pale green in the background is not too bad either.

Caught up on a bunch of errands -- groceries, drug store, blah, blah, blah.

So here are the photos from before. The limo ride on Friday night -- I like this fuzzy picture -- these are glasses and tumblers along the side of the limo, across from where we were sitting.

Then from Saturday, a shot from the LIGO campus. The area was described by the person giving us the tour as 'the place where colors come to die.'

This is one of two 4 km long vacuum chambers (perpendicular to each other) where the split laser beams bounce off mirrors, return, and recombine again. Apparently, they have a pretty serious tumble weed problem, and they really do bale them.

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gl. said...

what & where is ligo, and why did you go there? it looks awesome!