Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Done with Pudding, for the quarter

Updated the Portland Open Studios blog with the Mary Wells exhibit. She does very neat work -- little tiny paper mosaics.

Here's a photo from a few days ago. I planted these Japanese irises several years ago, and this is the first time that they've really bloomed. I think last year I had 1 flower, and before that, I had none.

Finally packaged up this issue of Pudding. The oil paints are still not dry (it's been about, what, 5 days?). I guess that's expected. I could touch them without smearing them, so I went ahead and packed them up. They'll go in the mail tomorrow.

There are 3 pages in each booklet; 4 oil paints were tried.

And since bug squishing seems to be an entertaining topic, at least to my neighbors, this is how I've been dealing with my vegetable garden problem -- I go out in the middle of the night with my flashlight, and any bug seen on a vegetable enjoying a meal is squished. In addition, any earwig, even while not on a vegetable, is squished. I wear a glove.

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