Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's one of those days...

Lock myself out of the car. In some residential area with hardly another soul visible.

Find the spare key, but it doesn't work. Realize I left my cell phone at home.

Accost some strangers happen to be walking by for their cell phone; call AAA roadside assistance.

Strangers leave; AAA on its way.

I keep trying the spare key. And I get in! Of course, AAA already on its way, maybe, and stranger's phone no longer available. Drive home like a maniac, in time to call AAA to cancel.

Phew. OK, I deserve some strawberries after this ordeal. Go out to pick some berries, only to find that SOMEONE STOLE MY STRAWBERRIES! In fact, there's not a shred of evidence that I ever had any strawberries at all!

It's not like the birds or squirrels, or even slugs, who take a bite out of each berry, leaving you with a patch of half eaten strawberries. There's not a thing out there, not even some red drippings or strawberry bits on the ground, not even some green berries. Somebody took them all.

Go grocery shopping. OK, I'll get myself a Swedish Cream with strawberries, something New Seasons always has. Only not today. Mike says, "of course not, it's one of those days."

It's one of those days that if we had a TV, I would've rented a movie to waste the night away. But we don't have a TV, so I go out for my 2 mile walk and do my weights instead. (Good girrrrl.) And afterward, put on my Songs and Music of Kurdistan and dance around the living room for half an hour, and I'm happy again. I hadn't listened to that CD regularly for many years. And now I'm listening to John Bilezikjian (this and this) on my computer as I complain.

(Oops, I forgot I wasn't even going to complain on this blog.)

And I shouldn't complain, really. Here's someone who's really having some trouble -- Alice, whose web site I did a few years back, discovered that her web site had been stolen. That's the nature of the html beast, yes, but these guys (the thieves) are so inept -- not only can you still see Alice's artwork poking out underneath their badly pasted in photographs -- they left in Alice's original meta data, and they left in Alice's statcounter code as well. So yes, people looking for Alice's artwork can accidentally end up on their web site, and all the hits on their web site are registering on Alice's statcounter as well, which is how she discovered this to start out with. So I spent a little time putting in new security code for her web site this afternoon, so at least she doesn't have those cluttering up her statcounter anymore. But in the mean time, she's been obsessed with following their trail, writing to people all over the world, from Mumbai to Dubai. Hey, I just went over to check on the thieves' site, and looks like they took it down!

Something went right today, finally!

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