Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More photo retouching

Photo retouching is one of those mindless, relaxing activities that I really love. Like ironing. Or pulling weeds. And when you're finished, you feel so accomplished -- all those ironed shirts all lined up in a row, a neater garden, and better looking photos. So we're back to 'digitally ironing' out the wrinkles in the felt for Margaret's web site today. Here are a couple of before+after pictures. And now that I'm looking at them side by side, I see a couple of things I'll need to fix.

Wrinkles in the lower left corner:

A bright reflection, or something, down the left side. I also darkened the book cover a little, since I was pretty sure the paper on the spine edge was black or dark brown. In the original photo, you can see a bit of the dark color reflected on the felt directly below it, and I left that in. I'm not sure if I like that or not. I might take it out.

Finished updating all the pdf's, and went through all the emails and found I forgot about a couple of things. Those will happen later this week. Tomorrow, I have to start printing the next issue of Pudding, like I keep saying already. The pieces for the Maryhill show got picked up today.

The movie tonight was Surf's Up. Cute, but pretty formulaic.

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