Monday, June 25, 2007

Overpriced CD, slightly, maybe?

Thanks to Mr. Michael5000 for point out that that Simon Shaheen CD is now priced at over $100! How weird. I thought those Amazon prices were fixed prices (and not like an auction). I guess I better take good care of mine. I read the reviews, and yes, it's a wonderful recording, although it's probably not my favorite at the moment. But over $100?

Spent the day doing the last bit of shopping for class supplies -- graph paper, weatherstripping (yes, weatherstripping), packaging tape, etc; copied class handouts; copied Pudding Notes.

And speaking of Pudding, I decided last night that there will be just 2 more issues of Pudding, which will take the publication to the end of 2007, and I will be done with it. By then, I will have put out 24 issues; I'm starting to run out of ideas for what to test with each issue, and I think people are losing interest as well -- I've gone from about 80 subscribers to 45 (as of this issue). I will now only take new subscriptions starting with issue #20. And at the end of the year, anyone left with a subscription will start to receive a new publication -- small artist's books published every 4 months. The new publication will be finished artist's books, unlike Pudding, which was meant as tests, and each issue goes out warts and all. Whatever happens during the print run, it goes out to subscribers as is, with Pudding Notes detailing what happened, what went wrong, what went right. I'm thinking the new publication will be more in line with something like the french fries book (official title More Than Plenty, photo below), which surprisingly, has been a hugely popular book, and I'm about to sell out of my edition of 50 (just 2 more left). It's going to be in the Maryhill show next.


gl. said...

after one's pudding subscription runs out, can you re-subscribe to the artist book for another year, or is it just meant to round out the current pudding subscriptions?

fingerstothebone said...

I'm going to set it up so that any new subscriptions will only run through the end of the year. People would then subscribe separately to the series of artist's books.