Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pudding issue 22, day 1

Started working on the next issue of Pudding today. I'm trying 4 different brands of oil paints -- Van Gogh, Williamsburg, Gamblin, and Winton, and I'm making a big mess! Here's a shot taken with the camera on the mac. Notice how splotchy it is.

And here they are, on the drying rack:

I will need to reprint tomorrow. I noticed when I opened the paints that there was quite a bit of oil sitting at the top. I squeezed that out as much as I could and inked up. Once I started printing, and had to refill a few times, I noticed that the paints became much creamer and less oily. Anyhow, once I finished printing (120 at one printing pressure, another 120 at a different pressure), I decided to ink up a fresh screen with one of the paints (now without all the oily stuff), and voila, it printed SO MUCH BETTER!

So I've decided to reprint tomorrow. I will send out both sets though -- the icky results along with whatever results I get tomorrow.

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