Thursday, June 21, 2007

Somethings are just not meant to be

Finished printing Pudding issue 22 today. As always, it didn't go as I planned. Like I said yesterday, I was going to reprint what I did yesterday, and reprint I did. I made a new screen, checked the consistencies of the oil paints (no separated oils), inked up, and started printing. And WOW! It was so much better!

...for the first 10 copies or so. After that, the results were comparable to the first set, except oil didn't seep underneath the ink blocks and greased up everything.

Printed the cover with regular gocco ink. Tried to take a picture of everything drying on the racks, on the bed, but wouldn't you know, the camera decided to stop working, all together. It's been having problems for a while now, and it was certainly having some problems earlier today. Then tonight, it just decided it had had enough.

Ok, I said, I'd just use the handy dandy camera phone. And wouldn't you know, it had enough juice to take 1 picture, and then the battery went kaput. (I never remember to keep it charged up.). So it's charging now, and I have no picture of today's gocco progress. Somethings are just not meant to be.

This issue will take a few days to dry (oil paints and all), so they probably won't get in the mail until next Monday or Tuesday.

This (mis)adventure was followed by more photo-retouching. There were a couple of tough ones today. Both had bright spots on the lower left corners that took a little doing.

This one has wrinkles top and right, and the wrinkles on the right has a shadow going through it. Preserved the shadow, removed the wrinkles. Although I now see that the shadow is not as diffused as the original.

Similar problem with this one -- bright spot on the lower left. I left in that slight ripple on the bottom left; I thought it might look fake if I took that out too . Didn't do anything with that glare in the middle of the top box though.

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