Friday, June 22, 2007

Something about hell scrolls...

After my unsuccessful attempt to get paper for the Focus Conference gocco class at Art Media, I decided to go ahead and order them from Daniel Smith, even at such a late date, figuring that they would arrive just in time. That was on Wednesday, and my paper showed up today!

Stopped in at Shannon's design studio this morning to pick up some gocco clean up paper that she ordered for me LAST YEAR but I never picked up. It's a very nice space, lots of windows, close to the Chinese Garden...which of course meant I stopped in at the garden for a short visit as well. Shannon had a packet of some gocco printed postcards exchanged from another designer back East -- very nice work.

Tried to see the exhibit at the IIID building at PNCA, but they were just taking the show down. The door was locked, and they wouldn't let me in (there was someone in there). I guess it wasn't mean to be. Then it was back to Margaret's web site. Finished up retouching the last few photos, and checked all the links (a pretty tedious process). Need to change the contact information, and add the paypal stuff, then we're done. The nameserver change propagated through, so now is pointing at the right location, at least, even if there isn't anything there yet.

Small excitement -- I have an idea for a new book project, about the different layers of Chinese hells. A personal shopping guide to selecting the right hell, just for YOU! I'm thinking maybe a game like structure, with cards? Or maybe it's a scroll, like the traditional hell scrolls?

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