Friday, June 08, 2007

Penthouse party, limo ride

I had my first limo ride today, and my first penthouse party. It was part of the Rake show -- hosted by the family that put together the main show in the front room. People were ferried between the gallery and the penthouse in the limo. There were also more artwork in the penthouse (my 2 violin pieces were hung in there). There was a piece by James Minden which I recognized; I think that must be owned by the family. The limo ride was not quite so smooth -- if anyone was drinking, there would've been some spillage.

Then it was onto Andrew's surprise party. We couldn't be there for the surprise, but got there not too much later. I guess he was pretty surprised alright.

Generated more weedy stuff to put into the raised bed today. I'll probably do a little more on Monday before dumping the top soil in there and adding the plants.

No studio time, but I guess I can count schmoozing as 'work'. At least my attempt at schmoozing.

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