Monday, June 18, 2007

Getting ready to teach

Well, compared with yesterday, today was pretty mundane. Picked up gocco supplies from Laurie, and went to Art Media to get paper. But of course, they didn't have 2 of the papers I wanted (Nepal Light and Hahnemuhle). I gotta start preparing for these earlier so I can order the paper from Daniel Smith, rather than thinking I can get them from Art Media. Got 4 different brands of oil paint to try with the gocco, that's going to be the next issue of Pudding, which I should be able to start working on tomorrow afternoon.

Picked up new cartridges for my respirator. Sounds like one of the people in the class is pregnant and is concerned about the ink fumes, and I said I'd bring in the respirator. Those old cartridges had been needing replacing forever, so I was glad I finally something to push me into doing it. Worked on Margaret's web site some more -- editing and adding the captions.

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michael5000 said...

So my friend Margaret, who I've known since 1987, sends me her new web address, and I'm all like "Hey! I know that URL!"

So, it's a small world, or at least a small city.

Happy to discover your blog!

--Michael (Mr. Sue Collard)