Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why, those little industrious bugs...

I put in my veggie starts yesterday afternoon, and when I went out to look at them this morning, they were already bug eaten! A few of the chard leaves and bok choy leaves were completely eaten off!

A long and busy day today -- Suzy came out for a visit in the afternoon; worked on the grant assignment (I'm not finished), as well as reviewing Alex's assignment; then it was out to meet at Alex's studio for the critique group. We're still struggling with what to do with the collaborations -- 4 of us are liking the direction of where we're headed and 2 of us are not sure. We tried to work (just to make some thing) and talk about it tonight, but I don't think we can really work and have a serious conversation at the same time. No pictures from today. We're meeting at my place next month.


Sundry said...

Bugs, not slugs? Or snails? Snails are always taking chunks out of my basil, so I ring the pots with snail-b-gone. They like sunflower seed leaves, too.

fingerstothebone said...

I do suspect something that crawls at night, but I don't see any slime trails, so I'm thinking not slugs or snails. The truth will reveal itself tonight...I'll be out there with my flashlight when I get home from my meeting.