Thursday, June 14, 2007

Please go away, little bugs

Wow, almost all the bok choys are gone now, just 2 and 1/2 days after planting. I guess I'll have to go out at night with a flashlight to see what's eating them; I sure don't see anything during the day.

Margaret came over and we went over what will probably be the last set of changes. And I actually have nothing scheduled tomorrow until the evening, so hopefully, lots will get done on her web site. I just remembered today that I haven't done the paypal thing for her yet either.

Spent the afternoon contacting potential artists for the exhibit at the G&V next year and working on my grant assignment, and of course the class was tonight. We met at the Central Library this evening. There's a whole section of nonprofit resources. Who knew?

The movie tonight was Ocean's 13. Very boring. Ultra boring. Actually wanted to see Away From Her, but timing didn't work out. That's a very unlucky movie -- it's been on the movie list for weeks now, but never gets chosen. Oh yeah, tried a new restaurant tonight. (You know how you settle down with the set of restaurants that you go to and you hardly ever check out anything new? Well, that's us!) This was probably the first new place we've tried in 6 months -- Pinocchio, and I have to say that almost everything was too salty, which is too bad. The soup was tasty, but too salty. The antipasti platter was tasty, but many of the vegetables were too salty. The dessert was good though, my panna cotta was not too big and not too sweet.

Someone sent this link to Chris Jordan's exhibit about consumption. It is very cool. And Alex sent me information about this artist, Hung Liu, a very wonderful painter. And here's a short video of her working.

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Sundry said...

Ooh, love the Chris Jordan site. I may have to link that one myself!