Monday, February 11, 2008

Cleanliness is an infectious disease...

And it has infected my car!

I don't know if I should be proud or ashamed that my car, which has been in my possession for about 9 years now, got cleaned for the first time today. I don't mean just the removal of used kleenex or old parking stickers, spent coffee cups and google maps. I mean it got a vacuum and a windex.

In what was yet another one thing leads to another category — I mentioned yesterday that all kinds of things were staged by the door waiting to go to the Goodwill. Some of those were pretty large items, a chair, a suitcase, and they were really in the way. I went to load them in the car this afternoon, and figured, oh heck, I'm cleaning the house, I might as well clean the car.

When we bought the Carr, it came with 2 sets of floor mats (that's 8 of them). When I bought the Saturn 9 years ago, it did not come with mats, you had to buy them separately. I was outraged. So I figured, hey, the Subaru got totaled, it was about to get towed away, it wasn't going to need them mats anymore. So all this time, the Saturn had been using Subaru floor mats from 1980.

And now it has 2008 Subaru floor mats! It practically looks like a new car!

So yes, it's been days since I've done any work in the studio, but the house is looking preeetty good! Spent the afternoon and evening trying to make a screen from this old sari I have (I always knew I'd find a use for it!). Only problem is that it is stretched out of shape a bit and does not want to hang straight, but I think it will be fine for what it's for.

Cat Box Relocation Program has begun. The new box has a swing door, which is different from the current box, so we've just set it up with no litter in it, and have been trying to get the kitty to go in and out. Not sure about the psychology of playing with the box, she's probably thinking, "OMG, this is the best toy I've ever had, I'm never going to poop in it!"

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Michael5000 said...

I'm pretty sure cats don't think like that.

I, too, am an infrequent car cleaner. I gave my truck a good once-over the summer before last, and I'm still feeling pretty proud of myself about it. Before that, the last major cleaning had been, um, never. It's a '94.