Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Portland Open Studios web site update

I said I wasn't going to make big changes, but I lied.

I tried to make a couple of simple updates requested by other board members today, and realized that the html generated by GoLive is really difficult to hand edit, and in the long run, I'm probably better off if I updated it. So here's the mockup of the new web site. None of the links work, and I still need to run it by the board. And wow, that took me most of the day.

Tomorrow will be the trifecta of volunteer duties. I start the day with Print Arts Northwest, move on to the John Wilson Room, and finish the day with the Open Studios board meeting. It will be a long day, and I'm still up at 1:39am! Ayee!

Last week, all week, I got no nibble on my sofa bed. This week, I've had 3 phone calls and a email. The first 2 callers were supposed to come and look at it today, but were no-shows. So we'll see if caller #3 and emailer #4 do any better.

Kitty had her food/water dishes moved out of the new guest bedroom today. She's being so agreeable to the whole thing so far.


Michael5000 said...

Well done with the web site. You kept what was good, and remade the rest.

Bridget B. said...

This does look really good - a vast improvement!

fingerstothebone said...

Thanks guys. It was pretty well liked by the board too, so we're proceeding, which will be at a turtle's pace!