Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lake Oswego Chronicles piece, day 8

Got a couple of hours more work on this piece today before I had to head out for the China Council auction. It's better, but there's still something that's bothering me in the lower left grassy area. I need/want to remove the 'stems' connecting the flowers, at least in the flower bunches along the bottom. I realize that I really should've worked on the tree on the right much earlier on already, but my original plan was to leave that very open, looking very foggy, but now I think that's not going to work. With so much going on elsewhere, that's not standing up very well. I do think it looks better with the flowers gone to almost white and the grass on the left going darker.

But I think it's better cropped this way. I just seem have trouble working this size. Every time I've tried to work this size, it's been a struggle, and I'm still waiting for that aha moment when I try something drastic and it saves the day.

Here's where it was last I worked on it.

The China Council Auction! I bought a cake! And 2 certificates to Flying Pie Pizza. I guess it's our 'food year.' It's nice to be able to go to the auction and just enjoy the event and not have to work. I think I'll keep it that way.


gl. said...

what kind of cake? :)

fingerstothebone said...

It's the Fantasy cake from Piece of Cake. I guess WW and Portland Monthly. I think it's a bit on the sweet side though. I tried to have the cake cut and shared with everyone at our table (plus a few friends) right at the auction, but by the time I tracked down someone with clean plates and forks, everyone had left! (It was one of the last items at the live auction, and it was a surprise entry right at the end.)