Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lake Oswego Chronicles piece, day 9

Had the day to myself today, so it was back to painting in my studio. I'm forging ahead with my original plans with the piece, even though there are still kinks that I haven't worked out. Added the 'fog in the valley' and the gray sky. The sky is a much grayer than it appears here, at least on my monitor.

The 'fog' is looking a lot like water splashing, so maybe I'll just call it rain.

I do see a couple of problems that I'll fix later, not sure if that will 'fix' my overall problem with the piece or not.

See this entry for a photo of the original inspiration for this piece. And see this entry for an image of the last time I worked on this piece.

Oops, almost forgot to add that cat box relocation is now complete—I removed the box from the old location yesterday morning, and there doesn't appear to be a gift of any kind left for me. In the mean time, the box in the new location continues to be used regularly. Quite the success story if you ask me, based on what I read on the net, about the difficulties and impossibilities of such endeavors!

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