Saturday, February 09, 2008

More de-junk-ing

My frenzy of cleaning up the place has now infected the downstairs. It's starting to look a bit more roomy down here, what with all the things we haven't used (except to put other junk on) now staged by the front door, waiting for my 3 trip to the Goodwill in about 5 days. Even the Good Prince is becoming motivated to clean up His Corner (which is really more than a corner).

The kitty is a bit spooked by all this, especially since 'her room' is now devoid of all the boxes, bags of stuff, whatnots, that she's undoubtedly quite used to, and they probably provided excellent hiding places. Instead, the room looks so open and respectable. Two more things to shop for — shades for the window and some kind of a privacy screen for the entry. This room was originally NOT chosen as the guest bedroom because it does not offer much privacy. If the guest closes the door, then there's poor air circulation; if they don't close the door, well, there they are! So it will probably end up looking like a Japanese restaurant, with those fabric panels in the doorway.

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