Thursday, February 21, 2008

MiT, 2nd senior, day 4; 1st senior, day 4

Another successful afternoon with my 2nd senior. Her daughter came in and visited with us while we printed, and that was great. As we were wrapping up, my 1 senior came in to visit! At first she seemed excited about what we had done, but then when I suggested that I still had time & materials to make a print with her, she wimped out—giving the same reason as always—she was tired.

But as we chatted, I started to wonder perhaps she was just not excited about making a print with something that was already around. She asked if I thought what my 2nd senior had done was 'art', although she didn't use the word; I can't remember what word she did use. She also expressed admiration for some of the watercolors on the wall and said that was what she wanted to do. So! We have an appt next week for me to work with her doing watercolors. I think maybe we can make prints from the watercolors for the project. We'll see. For my previous day with my 1st senior, see this entry. And my previous day with 2nd senior, see this.

Worked a bit more on the Open Studios web site and stubbed in a couple of the pages. When I'm tired, it's a pretty good project to do—I get to sit while I'm doing it, and once the layout is decided, it's not too difficult to pump it out.

I have 2 almost free & clear days coming up...back to painting, finally!

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