Sunday, February 24, 2008

MiT, 2nd senior, day 5

My 2nd senior and I met for lunch at the RSM dining room, and we went to work after that. She finished the 2 prints that we started last time. Eventually I'll take a picture of her prints and post them. I think she's having a good time...wanted to know if she could make more than 6 prints. So I suggested 8 and she seemed happy with that.

And despite everyone complaining about the food at the dining room, I thought it was pretty good! Lunch was a somewhat comical affair with everyone either hard of hearing or a little confused, or both. Kitchen is kosher, but I guess hardly anyone actually keeps kosher, so there were complaints about that. All in all, my senior #2 was in excellent spirits and consoled one of our dining companions that she shouldn't worry about what other people say. A very sensible lady, my senior #2. I'm dubbing her my Rock Star. (See this entry on our previous meet.)

Tomorrow, I'll meet with my senior #1 (I think I'll call her my Mercury), and see how it goes. We'll be doing watercolors; the day crept up on me and I did not prepare for it yet. I'll have to do it tomorrow. Today was one of those days where I just went from one thing to the next; and tomorrow will be more or less the same.

My #3 senior, whom I have met but haven't started working yet, told me that she's having a very important birthday coming up. I thought she was going to be 80, or maybe 90 (she walks around just with a cane, and hasn't got too many wrinkles), turns out, she's gonna be 100! I'll call her my Birthday Star.


Anonymous said...

well, ask her for some beauty and health advice!


gl. said...

i'm amused you're naming everyone a star. i'm imagining names for the project like "gocco galaxy," or "shu-ju's universe" or "senior constellations."

Michael5000 said...

I like that you have a senior named "rock star." It makes me think of Mick Jagger.

fingerstothebone said...

Maybe I AM working with Mick Jagger...but my lips are sealed.