Sunday, December 02, 2007

The 2008 persimmon crop

With high winds warnings through out the PNW, I decided to pick my persimmons today lest they get all blown away, which would just be completely tragic. So here they are. It was pouring cats and dogs all day, so I got pretty drenched out there harvesting my bounty.

Now they're all cleaned and neatly lined up on the extra table I had to set up in the living-room for them. I got about 250 persimmons this year (some I had already given away, including to a door to door sales person who had his priorities right and asked about the persimmons first before trying to sell...he got persimmons, but I still said no).

I had to leave some on the top of the tree—couldn't reach them. But of course, those were the ones that got the most sun and looked the most luscious. The trouble with being on a slope lot—it's hard to set up a ladder out there. I just used a step ladder, so had limited range. The ground was so wet, the step ladder kept on sinking into the dirt. Oh yeah, and my drainage ditch is the most useful now!

Otherwise, it was a big chore day. Had to clean up the gocco room so we can sleep downstairs tonight—in case a tree should come down during the windstorm. Although it's pretty quiet out there right now, so maybe the windstorm won't materialize after all.

Got ready for the Portland Open Studios board meeting tomorrow, and worked on some Guild of Book Workers workshop related email.


gl. said...

that's a LOT of persimmons. do you eat them out-of-hand, are you making jam or something i can't even conceive of?

fingerstothebone said...

I just eat them straight, they're like custard and I LOVE custard. You can also make persimmon pudding with them, but I've never tried it. I did try making some "ice cream" (freeze persimmons, whirl them, and some cream, in the food processor), but didn't have cream and used milk instead, and didn't think it was all that great. Although I suspect real cream would've made a huge difference.