Friday, December 14, 2007

Pillow Book II, day 2

Started pinning and basting the images for the 2nd pillow book. I think I'm getting a sunburn from the full spectrum light I've been using in the studio, I'm standing right underneath it to stack up the tulle sheets and basting them. My forehead hurts. But, onto the book. Here's one configuration, the tulle pages are just lying on a piece of gray fabric which is lying on top of an old pillow:

Then I decided that the upper left corner needed to be more visible, so I took 1 sheet off the middle right and basted that on the upper left:

Doesn't' look like there's a lot of difference here, but I'm happier with it. However, I'm also concluding that the middle one is far too readable, so I'll be taking 1 or 2 sheets off that and adding it to the others. That will have to wait until tomorrow.

Originally, my plan was to stitch the tulle pages on the pillow right along the edges of the image and then having the extra tulle push up against each other so that they stood straight up, making the pillow not so comfortable for a good night's sleep. But now that I'm seeing the layers on top of each other, I'm liking that. So I'm thinking of other ways to make an uncomfortable pillow, like pins or something.

See this entry for day 1.

So today, 2 weird things

1. Kitty cat is now on a pumpkin pie diet. Her belly is going bald, and one of the many reasons why a kitty might go bald in the belly is constipation, which the vet suspects is the cause. So she's to be given 2 Tbsp of canned pumpkin a day. And she likes it!

2. Canned pumpkin is not be found in the canned vegetable section. I went to 2 grocery stores before I finally asked someone and found out that canned pumpkin is in the baking section. Now, does that make any sense?

3. Oops, this is one extra weird thing: I always thought the Sleep Number Beds were made up for A Prairie Home Companion, with all those fake commercials. I was catching up on the NYT Sunday Magazine today, and wouldn't you know it, there was an article about sleep, and those Sleep Number Beds are apparently for real. Now I wonder if the Ketchup Advisory Board is for real too.


gl. said...

well, who -wouldn't- like to be on a pumpkin pie diet? :)

re the sleep number beds: we have one. i bought one in san diego with money i earned from a job i that was driving me crazy, so at least when/if i was able to fall asleep, i'd think, "well, at least i got a good bed out of them." dumb marketing, but pretty awesome bed, actually.

fingerstothebone said...

They really should think about that ad campaign; seriously, I thought it was fake! Glad to hear it's a good bed. And about that job in SD, I've always wondered what it was, since you seem to talk about it with not much fondness.

(Oh yeah, I hate pumpkin pie, along with Boston brown bread and baked beans, they're the trifecta of the worst foods ever invented! Yuck!)

gl. said...

the job for the sleep number bed was a side job on top of my full-time job, which i wasn't happy with, either. but both jobs involved teaching teachers how to teach online.

i'm guessing the tulle imaging is still visable but subtle? is it the same image repeated? and is this what you're using for your simultaneous gocco print project? :D

gl. said...

oh, and sven makes a killer pumpkin pie. i had always been nonplussed at pumpkin pies, but his pie is terrific. i'm sure you hear that sort of thing a lot: "if you'd only try the pie [i/my friend/my mother] makes...."

fingerstothebone said...

Where there are 2 or more tulle sheets, the image is visible but subtle. Where there's just 1 sheet, you really have to know that it's there to even get a hint that it's there. And it's the same image repeated.

For the Simultaneous Gocco Print project, I'll be printing the next image (for a different pillow).