Sunday, December 23, 2007

Generic pillow book day

Did a lot more thinking about the pillow books — figured out some display options, made the form for book IV, sent out an inquiry for a ceramic artist to make some dice for me.

So, display option — the pillows are larger than most pedestals, and since they're soft, they'll need support. I had been thinking having some thin plywood cut, but now think plexi sheets, each just a little smaller than the pillow it supports, would be much better. They'll be lightweight to ship, although having the plexi cut would be expensive, they'll look better than plywood too.

Pillow IV would be a square pillow, with images/texts around the edges like a game board, with two dice. Originally I was thinking of putting the images on the dice themselves, each side with 1 to 6 layers of the tulle. So a toss of the die would give you a random image, anywhere from fairly readable to not at all readable. But when I started thinking about other ways of making the dice, like with clay, and thinking about how to represent the numbers, I also remembered the comment from someone at the Alzheimer's Association — that with the disease, it's like your brain develops holes, like swiss cheese. And that, seems like a much better solution for a couple of reasons — it will still use the pillow form, as the game board rather than as dice, and I like the continuity in the pillow form; also, I think the dice will be more recognizable as 'dice' with the holes on the sides, rather than with images on the sides.

Today was also the Great Sock Mending Day. After I finished the last pillow form, with the serger all set up, I mended all my holy socks. There were A LOT of socks to mend, and it definitely goes a lot faster using the serger, rather than doing it by hand. One pair was beyond repairs (already mended once before), and now they're (it's) a pin cushion, which I've needed forever!

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gl. said...

i envy your sock-mending abilities! we have several stripey socks i would love to repair but only sven knows how to sew and neither of us knows what to do about socks, specifically.