Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pillow Book I, day 7

Took a lot of experimenting to get the tensions adjusted just right to do the rolled hems for the pillow forms. I only finished one today, and no picture. Although now that I have 1 of the mini pillows finished, I'm reconsidering the tentative title (Cradles for Our Memories). I think I need to make a more clear statement about them being pillows, since they are so tiny. See this entry for day 6.

Half the day was spent prepping for, and attending, the Portland Open Studios board meeting. Lots of things to decide on for next year, and to start getting ready for. Looks like I'm the interim secretary, as the real secretary just became the interim president, because the president (who was the interim president because the president resigned) is resigning. Phew, complicated enough. I'm also the chair for the jury/application committee, which needs to be started now with the call for entry.

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