Friday, December 28, 2007

More generic pillow book work

Decided that the pillows needed to be deflated some more, I took out more of the poly-fil stuffings and sewed the forms back up. I can't do that too many more times...every time I open them up and sew them back together, the pillows get a little smaller. Pretty soon, there will be no pillows left!

The prints from yesterday are still not dry (the tulle prints, the paper prints have long since dried). So I went looking for fabric for book IV. Found some gray wool suiting on the discount table (has some markings on it, which is fine for my purposes), very nice fabric for $7.99/yard. Good deal. Then I experimented with the gray lycra that I had gotten from Susan — I cut it into strips and knitted a square, thinking that I might try knitting some pillow cases. With a knitted case, I'd be able pull stuffings through to the front, something I've been wanting to do. Not sure what I think of the results yet.

Today was a big news day, Benazir Bhutto's assassination. So spent more time reading the news and listening to the radio than usual. Went to an extra movie tonight (not randomly selected, but sort of topical), Charlie Wilson's War. Excellent movie.

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