Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pillow Book I, day 8

So here's the new/old serger. I'm sewing in the hallway, with the work table piled high with all the stuff.

Here are the pillow cases. I've just put down fabric tack on the corners, so now they're turned inside out, drying. Those autumn gourds have seen better days!

Here's one of the pillow cases (you can almost read the image on the pillow here) with its pillow form. This is all set up in the dining room.

And here are the tags. Gocco'ed, of course.

The basics: I'm almost finished with the set of tiny pillows. All the forms are made, and so are the tags. I seem to have settled on a literal title "6 Tiny Pillows." But if I change my mind, I'll just gocco up some new tags. I'll wait until the last moment to sew on the tags, just in case I do change my mind.

I have one last thing to do (other than sewing on the tags), then I'll be done with this -- I'm liking the spots of melted away tulle, all part of that falling apart, fading away theme. So I'll be melting more of the tulle intentionally. See this post for day 7 of Pillow Book I.

Spent the evening doing paper work -- IPRC teacher's contract, W2 form for the grant, and forms and such for the Lake Oswego Chronicles, which reminds me...I better get those dates down on the calendar, because they really didn't give us a lot of time, and it's to be created specifically about LO.

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Michael5000 said...

1. Ooh, cute little serger! Those machines always look funny to me. SEEEEERGE!!!

2. That is one awesome chest of drawers in the second picture.

3. Oh my. I do like the gocco'ed tags. I want to talk to you about gocco tags. How much money would have to exchange hands for a guy to have some gocco tags made?