Monday, December 17, 2007

Business stuff

After a few rounds of phone calls with Dan, who's going to be making the folding screens for me, about the spec's for the plexi, I finally got the order in. Checked out the constructions for a couple of different styles of pillows (more or less what I envisioned), so I'm set to go on that, although I still haven't finished mocking it up yet—need to move a few sheets of the tulle around and see how I like the configuration, before I'd be ready to start sewing. I really hope to be finished with the sewing of this one before the weekend. And I still need to work on the html manual/tutorial for Rebecca, which has now been rescheduled for Thursday.

Matted up a print of Do You Read Me?, the print that sold off the web on Friday. I was hoping to pack it up today so I can ship it off tomorrow along with all the Christmas stuff, but didn't get that far.

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