Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pillow Book I, day 9

So here are the 6 tiny pillows. Starting from the top, reading l to r, they go from most readable to least readable. I also used a soldering iron and melted some tulle, most visibly on the bottom right one, but also on the one above it and the one to the left.

Showed these at my critique group meeting tonight and everyone liked the concept. Rachel had a great comment, and I only wish I could do something about it at this point: the fabric looks so new! This is particularly troublesome for the 3 pillows with the melted away tulle. And boy, did it stink when I was melting the tulle; glad I did it outside (although it was pretty cold & wet). She also had a great solution to my title dilemma—"6 tiny pillows" can be in the media description—"6 tiny pillows made of wool, tulle; Print Gocco," then I can title it something else, and still get across that they're pillows.

See this entry for day 8. To see the printed tulle before the pillows were sewn up, see this entry.

Rest of the day was admin stuff for Portland Open Studios and the Tennessee show.

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