Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pillow Book I, day 4

Last I left this book, this was where it was.

Having decided against the linear progression of a codex format with tulle pages, this book will consist of six small pillows to be arranged in a random sequence. Each pillow will have from 1 to 6 tulle page(s), making the image easier or harder to read. So I've made 6 piles here, starting from the upper right corner, going counter clockwise, we have 1 sheet, 2 sheets, etc, until the bottom right corner (which actually has 7 sheets because I had 1 sheet extra, and also I wanted it to be much easier to read).

To keep the stacks aligned, I pva'ed all the way around the edges, using sheets of glass as my work surface. So that's the white stripes you see around the images. The thicker stacks got much more pva. The sheets of tulle are laid out over the gray wool that I'll be using for this book. The pva will be trimmed off once the tulle sheets are sewn to the wool. Although in a few spots I got the pva awfully close to the image. I think it will be ok.

We tried a new restaurant today, a tapas place on Alberta call Lolo. A large group from Mike's office. There were a few excellent dishes and a few that were so-so. The flan was excellent.

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