Monday, December 10, 2007

pillow Book I, day 5

The sewing part of this book finally began, although not before making another trip to the fabric store/sewing machine shop (conveniently located next to each other) to get 4 spools of gray thread for the serger, white cotton muslin for the pillow forms, and more polyfil.

The plan is to make the pillow cases just like the real pillow cases, with a band around the opening end. So here are 3 cases sewn up (without the band yet) and 1 that has just been basted. These are pretty small (6"x9") but will be wider with the band. They also read better when you look straight at them, rather than from an angle like this.

Those with several layers of the tulle don't really have nice and square corners, there's just too much material to deal with. Something I did not consider before. The serger is working out nicely though. I have 5 of the cases sewn; there's 1 more to do, then I'll add the bands and make the forms. For a title, right now I'm thinking Cradles for Our Memories. Cradle being a direct reference to the fact that pillows cradle our heads, the physical locations of our memories. And also, although I might be stretching this a bit, cradle bring to mind something small, for a baby, and these are small pillows.

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