Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pillow Book II, day 4 (or what to do with excess persimmons)

Again, no pictures, but I finished sewing the tulle together and cut the silk that will be the pillow case. Had my library gig this afternoon, so didn't get past that on the pillow book and didn't want to sew at night when I'm tired. See this entry for day 3 on this pillow. My appt tomorrow to teach rebecca how to update her own web site got postponed until after the new year, so hopefully I'll finish tomorrow.

The persimmons are now ripening faster than I can eat them, or give them away (and I've been giving away a lot). So I made some kind of a persimmon custard tonight. No recipe, I just made this up --

Mash up pulp from 4-5 persimmons and spread on bottom of pyrex pan.

Warm up 2 cups of whipping cream, mix in some sugar, and 1 packet of gelatin.

Whirl together pulp from 6 persimmons, add about 1 cup sour cream.

Mix the above two together.

Pour over mashed persimmon pulp in the pyrex pan, except the pulp doesn't stay nice and neat on the bottom, it starts to float all over. Okay.


Wait a while.


Just checked, it still hasn't set. I guess I'll see what it tastes like tomorrow. But it's got cream and sour cream in it, so what can go wrong?

While I was having my snack (4 crackers, 1 small kafta patty, and a persimmon, of course), it suddenly dawned on me that a bit of ginger might be really good in this.


gl. said...

did you know this post is the third result in google for "kafta patty"? i'm surprised!

neat recipe! i'll bet that custard -would- be good with ginger. mmmmmmm.

fingerstothebone said...

What an odd thing to google for!

gl. said...

well, i didn't know what a kafta patty was, so i had to google it. :)