Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm glad the day's over

Lots of running around in foul weather today. Although the high winds did not materialize, it was most definitely a very wet day. 217 northbound was completely closed in sections, southbound had 1 lane closed. I-5 southbound had something going on around Multnomah Blvd, so I exited early. When we were hanging the show at Print Arts this morning—and I only heard bits of this conversation—someone reported that there was a crew out there on a boat (!) trying to unclog something. I assume she was talking a road.

So, the running around part — in the morning and early afternoon, it was hanging the exhibit at Print Arts Northwest; got home with enough time to grab a snack before I had to run off to my serger lesson; then it was an early dinner with Mike before I ran off to the Portland Open Studios board meeting.

Not only was there a lot of rain, there was a lot of bad driving too. I was stuck behind this car that would get stuck in the middle of an intersection at every intersection! And when the traffic would start moving again, it would be 5-6 seconds before it would move. I finally got around it, and get this — I came to the MAX tracks, waited until I saw that there was room for me up ahead before I crossed the tracks and stopped. And this car pulled up right behind me, which could only mean that it was on the tracks! Shudder.

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