Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Phew, another long day

Diane came over and we flashed a bunch of screens for a gocco project at Atkinson this coming Thursday (for which I have to be at the school by 8:30am!). Then it was off to a late lunch, and then to City Hall to deliver my prints. While I was in town, I also snuck over to Portland Art Center, hoping to catch the PDX Panels show early and see if there was anything I wanted, but they weren't all hung yet. I guess I have to wait until tomorrow like everyone else. Shelley wrote a nice entry for the Portland Open Studios blog on the show. Took me a bit of time to edit and upload it (wordpress was doing some maintenance thing and I kept on getting these "sorry, we're doing some maintenance thing please come back later" message. (So far, I have to say that I think blogspot is better than wordpress, despite hearing otherwise from some people. Although, I do have trouble with blogspot at times, too—it does not seem to like to upload several images all at once, even though it lets you do so. And sometimes it even has trouble uploading just 1 image.)

But anyhow, doesn't seem like I accomplished a whole lot, but it sure did take a lot of time.

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