Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pillow book III, day n+1

Not sure which day it is on pillow book III, since I've already made the pillow case and pillow form for it. But anyhow, here is the print for pillow book III. This is printed on Rives Lightweight:

That dark line down the right side? That's what happens when you print one on the mylar, but the mylar isn't big enough, so the print goes over the edge, which is fine because I had a piece of scrap paper underneath it. But then I forget that some ink will pool on the screen where that mylar edge is, and I forget to print a scrap before I print on the Lightweight. So that's what that line is.

And here it is printed on a sheet of tulle. The tulle is attached to a sheet of newsprint. I actually made these a while back, and I wonder if that was why some of them were pulling off the newsprint as I printed today...maybe the double sided sticky tape wasn't sticking so well after weeks have passed?. I'm not sure, but as a result, I had a bunch of them that were no good — when the tulle pulls up from the newsprint, and I don't catch it, it gets smudged and the print is trashed. I printed way more sheets than I figured I'd need, so hopefully, I'm ok.

And here's the image I used to make the screen. Compare this to the next image (the original, untouched) which is extremely contrasty, except for the important parts — the dog's face and fur, and the kid's shirt. And even though, as a photograph, this looks very unnatural, it looks fine printed.

The original, untouched image. If I flashed this image, the dog will not be 'readable' because it will print almost solid in the face and front. The kid's shirt will print almost solid as well, instead of stripes. So the image above, the one I used to flash the screen, has 7 different adjustment layers to bring out the definitions in the various areas I want to see. And even still, compare the above image to the one printed on Rives Lightweight — the grass in the shade in front of the dog printed as a solid, even though you can see a pattern in the image above.

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fascinating, shu-ju!