Thursday, September 20, 2007

The complete account of the horse print...

Yes, I was derelict in my duties last night, but I was exhausted, not to mention I did just about no work in the studio yesterday. So here's the make-up entry -- basically a rehash of the experimental print in process, but all in one and not spread out over six entries so it's easier for me to reference (although links to the daily details are still necessary).

So here's a better photo of the finished print:

Day 1: Freehand printing using an open screen. I created the open screen by flashing it with a completely black output from the laser printer. I'm calling it 'open screen' because the mesh is completely open. I first used this open screen to create Fatherland in 2006. You can read about the creation of Fatherland here; just scroll to the bottom.

'Freehand printing' just refers to the fact that I'm 'drawing' directly onto the screen by squeezing the inks onto the screen in the shapes that I want. Here, I've drawn some circles and some oblong shapes. These were done in two passes -- first the red circles then the orange oblong shapes.

See this entry for more pictures from this day and a detailed description.

Day 2: I layered over what I printed on Day 1 with some texture. Again, I'm using the open screen. Here I've put the ink on and then created patterns just by swirling my palette knife around in the ink.

See this entry for more photos and images of the print in progress.

Day 3: Still using the open screen, I created the blue/gray shape by cutting the shape out of a sheet of self-adhesive label and using that as a stencil.

For more photos and descriptions, see this entry.

Day 4: Again, the open screen and self-adhesive labels punched with a hole puncher.

More photos and details here.

Day 5: Still working with the open screen, I cut this horse shape from a self-adhesive label as well and printed this horse twice on each print. Printing it twice gave me better coverage.

More photos and details here.

And finally, the the last day, which resulted in the print you see at the top of this entry.


Jan said...

Hi Shu-Ju! I just found your blog. And I'm SO glad I did. It will really help clear the fog that is Gocco seeing as I'm just starting out. I love the interesting ways you print. So much here to read. I'll be back to read more and catch up. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I love the horse print on your labels it looks so good! A while back i managed to find a british labels company who did my label printing for me at a really low price.