Saturday, September 15, 2007

Milestones & breakthroughs

1. I ate chicken feet today. Actually, just 1 foot, and not even the whole thing, just a part of a foot.

We were taken out for dimsum today, and for some reason, after years of thinking how gross chicken feet were (was? it is the name of a dish...), for some reason, I decided to give it a try. I had this idea that I would eat it and suddenly realize what a mistake I had made, that all these years I had been missing some earth shattering experience...well, I have to say that it did not do much for me. It wasn't bad or awful, it just wasn't all that good. I doubt that I'd bother again.

2. The silk road flowers site went live today.

Rebecca finally set up the web hosting yesterday and I uploaded the web site. We still have more to fix up, and I found a couple of problems -- IE 6.xx does not know how to deal with transparent backgrounds in .png files...what a bummer, and I need to check the style sheet, the fonts are a bit screwed up, and it's a common font. We all met at Caffe Uno this afternoon, with Carolyn supplying the laptop, and had a ribbon cutting ceremony -- a real ribbon was involved. For some reason, I still can't see the site here at home (I can see it by entering the ip address directly, but not by the domain name).

3. And pillows it's gonna be for the Tennessee exhibit.

I looked at the images on the CD this afternoon, and there's definitely usable stuff on there. I still have to check out the negatives that they could not scan, and I imagine there will be more things on there I can use too. I'm now really settled on the idea of pillows -- a. I like the idea that it cradles the head, the physical location of our memories, b. I LOVE the idea that memories and sleep are so closely linked, and c. it's a nice book-like structure.

Theresa came by for a visit yesterday; saw the gocco horse print I just finished, and thought of the toy horses that you find hitched up to the sidewalks in Portland! I love that connection! Even though that wasn't my original intention, I think I like her interpretation better. Much better.


gl. said...

i -love- the pillows! memories & dreaming. i also love the portland horse ring connection, too: those little horses are adorable and make me proud to live in portland!

but yeah, chicken feet are kind of gross. it's good to confirm it, though.

fingerstothebone said...

Yeah, I know, those toy horses make Portland really special!