Friday, September 14, 2007

Wrapping up the grant application

Yay! Got a confirmation back from Kathy today that my slight change of schedule is ok, and also they'll be able to display the books and the screens at the Rose Schnitzer Manor. So tomorrow, I'll update RACC with the information.

More admin stuff today -- sent off the contract for the Bainbridge show (before the deadline too), and started checking out Constant Contact for managing my email list. I've just been sending out show announcements and such with a mailing list alias, but with the last announcement, a few people started responding to the alias, which of course got sent to everyone. I hate it when that happens. So I'm looking at alternatives.

More work on the silk road flowers site. Finally finished the banner off -- just the final details, no big changes.

In the evening, went to a William Kentridge film that's part of the TBA festival. This was 9 short animations, drawn with charcoals and pastels, on the same pieces of paper. So he's erasing and redrawing to create each frame. When you think about that, it's really pretty incredible -- he destroys one frame (at least partially) before he can create the next frame, so he's got a really good image of what he's doing in his head. Although I have to say, I was good with 7 short animations; the last 2 were just a bit too much. Plus I was pretty hungry.


gl. said...

ooo, we somehow missed this in the tba lineup! sounds right up sven's alley.

fingerstothebone said...

I think you can get the videos/dvd's through interlibrary loans. So check around.